New Deer Kit Helps Landowners

Feral deer are becoming an increasing problem on private land impacting agricultural production, gardens and native biodiversity and increasingly a road safety risk.

To assist landowners to manage deer on their land, Upper Ovens Valley Landcare commissioned this kit to provide deer control options for a range of property types in the Ovens Valley region and greater north eastern Victoria.

The Feral Deer Control Kit for the Upper Ovens Valley was funded through a Victorian Landcare Grant auspiced through the North east Catchment Management Authority and the content was developed by ABZECO (Applied Botany, Zoology and Ecological Consulting).

The information in this deer kit was sourced from publicly available online resources at the time of preparation. This is a live document that can be updated as new information becomes available e.g. new fencing businesses that specialise in deer fencing, new control methods, local case studies. Find the kit and how to use it HERE .

by Simon Feillafe, Mitta 2 Murray Landcare Facilitator Program

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