Deer Fence Design

This picture depicts a deer fence I saw week in Upper Murray, it was a design I thought some of you might be interested 3 years ago, to reduce the impact of deer predominately Fallow deer and kangaroos. Hence the need for a low hot wire. It cost $10m in materials, is 6ft 4in high, with a steel every 2.5m. Some of the posts have a second post behind them for reinforcement. Top wire is a heavy barb wire to keep the fence straight. Left is bush, right is paddock. This design was a result of this landholder doing some research, looking at a number of designs and then adapting it to suit his needs. And as he says, it works. The pasture on right was part of a 45 paddock rotation, and most paddocks had a lot more grass than this one.

by Simon Feillafe, Mitta 2 Murray Landcare Facilitator Program

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