Victorian Landcare Grants- Nariel Valley Revegetation Project

Stabilising the bank

Following the 2020 bushfires in the Upper Murray, land carers Chistina and Peter Ashton have revegetated a bank with 660 native grasses and shrubs. These planting will stabilise the bank and prevent further erosion. Many of the shrubs are bird attracting species.

Species planted include acacia rubida, a pioneer species being fast growing, hardy, cold and drought tolerant, catchment protection; pollen source for native moths, butterflies, and insects and attracts birds. Burgundy tea tree (dwarf) or Leptospermum scoparium nanun rubrum, kunzea ambigua, for insect and small bird attraction, Grass trigger pant, Stylidium armeria, Showy parrot pea, pale wedge pea, golden shaggy pea, oxylobium elliptical, dillwynia sericea, and gompholobium huegelic. Other species include boronia nana var. hyssop folia, Grevillea parviflora, alpine grevillea (cat’s claw) and greenville alpina, and diuris including Golden moths, donkey-ears, tiger, wedge, purple, cowslip. Correa reflexa, grevillea langiera and grevillea rivularis, which will cascade down the rocks and creek bank and dry banks. 

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