Victorian Landcare Grants 2021-22- Stabilising Gully on Yabba Road

Fencing and planting of native species to stabilise an eroded gully in Tallangatta South, VIC
The vegetation at Stuart and Sue Reid property after fencing and planting of native species

An eroded gully off Yabba Road, Tallangatta South, has been fenced off and planted out with 3oo indigenous species, on the property of Stuart and Sue Reid.

The grant received included 270 metres of wildlife friendly fencing and the planting of native species which will help to stabilise the gully and prevent further erosion. The vegetation will also assist in filtering the runoff from Yabba Road which eventually runs into the Mitta River.

Species planted included acacia melanoxylon (blackwood), bursaria spinosa, callistemon sieberi (river bottlebrush), Blakely Red Gum, rosemary grevillea, prickly tea tree, spiny headed mat rush, tree violet and poa labillardieri (common tussock)

Project worker, Audrey Beard chose the plantings and delivered to the Reids in July.

By Robyn Scales

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