Victorian Landcare Grants- Watchingora Creek Project

Mitta Valley Landcare (MVL) held another planting day on Wednesday 5th October at Lew and Felicity McDonalds property on the Watchingora Creek. The project included fencing of 430 metres of creek frontage, with a focus on stabilising the banks and preventing water runoff. Over 600 indigenous plant species have been planted.

To establish this site, a mix of plants were chosen to thrive in wet, soggy, ground, and support deep rooted growth while creating habitat. The plant list consisted of Banksia marginata (Silver Banksia), Bursaria spinosa (Sweet Bursaria), Callistemon pallidus (Lemon Bottlebrush), Carex sp. (Common Sedge, Eucalyptus ovata (Swamp Gum), Eucalyptus viminalis (Manna Gum), Kunzea ericoides (Burgan), Lomandra longifilia (Spiny headed mat rush), Melicia dentatus (Tree Violet), Mirbelia oxylyobioides (Mountain Mirbelia), Acacia dealbata (Silver Wattle), Acacia melanoxylon (Blackwood), Callistemon sieberi (River Bottlebrush), Eucalyptus radiata (Narrow-leaf Peppermint), Leptospermum brevipes (Slender Tea Tree), Leptospermum continentale (Prickly Tea Tree), and Poa labillardierei (Common Tussock). Audrey Beard for coordinating the species schedule.

The Watchingora Creek was also surveyed as part of the Platypus Citizen Science Program in 2022 and members of our Mitta Valley Landcare group took samples from this stream as well as Banimboola Creek and the Mitta River. Platypi are regularly sited along Watchingora Creek. The Callaghan Creek area is also habitat for the Emu and small groups are often spotted along the valley.

A delicious home-made lunch and coffee was provided by the Witches Garden, a beautiful open garden owned by the McDonalds. The planting volunteers were also treated to a walk through the Gardens.

Report by Libby Paton, Project Officer.

Watchingora creek

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