Meeting Minutes

MVLG AGM Meeting Minutes 2018 + Presidents Report

Annual General Meeting

When: 11.30 am on 25 August 2018

Venue: Eskdale Hall


Agenda Item



The meeting opened at 11.45 am with the Vice President Alan Rankin explaining to the meeting that the Chairman , Rick Montgomery was unavailable and that he would be conducting the meeting.

The Vice President welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance, He also thanked Tom Croft (NECMA) for agreeing to be the returning officer for the Office Bearer elections, and Terry Hubbard for his presentation later in the meeting

Alan Rankin


Present: The attendance list is attached to these minutes.

Apologies: Ricky Montgomery, Desiree Harker, Judy Cardwell, James and Christina Aston, Rob Bethune, Tom Walsh and Margaret Karey.

Alan Rankin


Minutes of the Meeting held on 19 August 2018

It was proposed by Ben Teek and seconded by Glenn Damm that the minutes from the meeting held on 19 August 2018 were a true and accurate record of events. Carried by all.

Alan Rankin


Business outstanding from the previous meeting

Website – Robbie Sabo has provided us with a demo site and a breakdown of costs associated with the website and links to social media. This will be discussed at our next meeting.

Eskdale Community Reveg Proposal – This is ongoing project as we are liaising with several agencies and will be discussed at the next meeting.

Alan Rankin


The following reports were presented to the meeting:

  • President’s Report – The Vice President gave an overview of the Landcare Groups achievements over the past year and thanked everyone involved for all their hard work to make this Landcare Group such a success.

  • Treasurers Report – The Vice President ,as acting Treasurer, read out the financial statement. It was proposed by the acting Treasurer and seconded by Karen Moroney that the financial statement be accepted as a true record of the accounts. Carried by all. A copy of the financial statement is attached to these minutes.

  • Project Reports – Project reports were read out by the project officers.

  • Facilitator’s Report – Klaus Boelke

  • Dung Beetles – Anita Reynolds for Judy Cardwell

  • Deer – Karen Moroney

  • Soils – Alan Rankin

  • Blackberry Control – Doris Razeng

  • Rabbits – Alan Rankin

  • CVA Grant – Simon Feillafi

  • Eat Local Sunday – Robyn Scales


Life Membership Presentations

Lifetime membership awards were presented to Doris Razeng and Bob Kendell to recognise the significant contribution and commitment they have made to the Mitta Valley Landcare Group.


Election of Officer Bearers

  • The Vice President handed over to Tom Croft to declare all positions on the Executive Committee vacant

  • Call for nominations for election of 2018/19 Executive Committee

Position Nominee Nominated by Seconded by

President Karen Moroney Alan Rankin Doris Razeng All in favour

Vice President Doris Razeng Alan Rankin Anita Reynolds All in favour

Secretary Anita Reynolds Alan Rankin Bob Kendell All in favour

Treasurer Alan Rankin Doris Razeng Karen Moroney All in favour

Publications Robyn Scales Karen Moroney Glenn Damm All in favour

Projects Officer Phil Paton Karen Moroney Alan Rankin All in favour

The following committee members agreed to continue in their roll:

Ben Teek, Bob Kendell, Arron Scales, Peter Razeng, Rick Wayman, Wendy Enever, Glenn Damm, John Paterson.

New committee members were confirmed as:

Mike Walsh and Desiree Harker

Delegates for the Mitta to Murray Blackberry Action Group

Doris Razeng and Bob Kendell agreed to remain as the Mitta Valley Landcare Group’s delegates to the Mitta to Murray Blackberry Action Group.


The newly elected President, Karen Moroney congratulated the new Office Bearers and committee members and thanked Tom Croft for his role as returning officer.

Karen Moroney


It was proposed by the Treasurer and seconded by Peter Razeng that Wendy Enever and Ricky Montgomery be removed as signatories of the Mitta Valley Landcare account and that Karen Moroney be added as an account signatory. Carried by all


Guest Speaker

Terry Hubbard (OA) delivered a presentation on “The future direction of Landcare” which was appreciated by everyone.



A survey was conducted to find out everyone’s ideas and interests for future projects and direction for the Mitta Valley Landcare Group. This survey will go towards producing our new five-year strategic plan.

Tom Croft

Klaus Boelke


Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting is yet to be confirmed.


Meeting Close

The meeting closed at 2.40 pm

Karen Moroney


Presidents Report 2018

This last year has been particularly busy, as we have been lucky enough to have secured several grants.  I would like to thank all those involved in writing the grant applications, managing the projects, the project delivery and completing all the reports.  Also to all those who assisted in setting up field days and other events.

I will not go into detail of what has been achieved this year as each project coordinator will be giving us a run down of their projects later, but

We have:

We managed to secure the only Vacca dung beetles in Victoria and released some and set up three dung beetle breading tents to increase the numbers under controlled conditions.  This was a real coup for the Mitta Valley Landcare Group as there are only two sights in the whole of Australia doing this.

October 7th 2017, we had a trip up Mt. Charlie where approximately 30 attended. We looked at wildflowers and discussed the history of the area. 

Have held several deer information sessions and there are some exciting developments which will be detailed later.

Held some very successful Eat Local Sunday Events, which highlighted local produce, history and our Valley which attracted over 100 people each time

April 2018, we had a dinner /spotlight walk trying to find Creatures of the Night.  It was a great event but we frightened most of the wildlife away. 

April 2108, We had a stand at the Tallangatta Expo Mitta Valley Landcare supported the Mitta 2 Murray Blackberry Action Group, to inform everyone about weeds and biological controls, also we had information and displays for our soils project.

We have also held two tree planting days where we planted over 1500 trees. 

also assisted The local school plant trees and shrubs.

We also had a soil day where we learnt how to make not turn compost.

And to look ahead we still have many trees to plant,  fencing to erect, and two community projects to complete.  There is another eat local Sunday event coming up and we had also been notified that our grant application to fund a Frog and wetland project has been successful, so we will be working on this soon.

If you have an ideas for projects in the future or you would like to assist with any of our on going projects please let us know.

I would like to thank everyone for making the Mitta Valley Landcare Group such a successful Landcare Group and wish the new elected office bearers every success.

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